Parallel Referral

Do you have a listing that is not selling?

Earn a $250 Fee when you refer your Seller to the well-trained management & leasing professionals at Fletcher Property Management, Inc., CRMC®. 

We can lease the unsold home until the sales market improves. Keep your clients yours! By working together we will stem the cash flow hemorrhage from an unsold home while building equity until it is time to list the home for sale once again.

Just follow these easy Steps to Success:

  1. Complete and submit the Referral Form
  2. We sign Referral Contract with your Broker
  3. You continue marketing for a Buyer
  4. We begin marketing for a Tenant
  5. You have an accepted offer & we cancel the referral at No Cost to your Seller!
  6. We have an approved tenant & you cancel the sales listing.
  7. You collect a $250 referral fee (through your Broker) once a lease is signed funds paid
  8. We notify the Owner prior to the lease expiration so you can both consider re-listing the home for sale
  9. YOU continue to be the HERO to your Seller
  10. We repeat the process with each unsold listing

Keep your client AND earn a Referral Fee from Fletcher Property Management, Inc., CRMC®

Make Your Parallel Referral Today!